Anonymous: Hey there - your recent skincare update didn't have any spf products in it. Do you use any? Any recs?

I do. At the moment I’m using the L’Oreal silky sheer BB face lotion SPF 50+ (untinted), which I love. It’s very similar to Shiseido ultimate sun protection lotion, and other high end sunscreens. It’s a liquid consistency so it glides on evenly, and has a velvety smooth finish. It soaks into your skin almost instantly so you don’t have to wait around or have a greasy face after application.

Anonymous: Hey! Love your style, just wondering where do you get you leather leggings/pants from?

My leather leggings are Aqua from Bloomingdales years ago, and my pants are the vegan leather pants by Blank NYC.

Anonymous: YES pls do a blogspot about your daily make up look!!


Anonymous: still waiting on ur daily make up orutine post :(
Anonymous: what's your daily make up look?

Would you like a blog post?