Anonymous: what's your daily make up look?

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Anonymous: Noor can you tell me more about eradikate. I heard it doesn't work if the solution gets mixed or something.

You’re not supposed to shake the solution if that’s what you mean by mix. It’s basically a spot treatment with a pink sediment and clear liquid. The sediment is actually sulfur which is fantastic for drying/calming an active breakout. The liquid contains salicylic acid, which as you probably already know helps with breakouts. You just dip a cotton swab all the way down so that you’re getting both liquid and sediment on it, and apply directly onto blemishes as a last step after your normal nighttime routine.

Anonymous: Hey Noor! Any advice to get rid of blemishes and acne scars? Thanks

A consistent skincare regimen yo. Try using a serum day and night that targets hyperpigmentation and is rich in vitamin C followed by moisturizer. Also make sure you’re exfoliating regularly (and not too vigorously), I would recommend using something like the Clarisonic on a daily basis with a creamy face wash and maybe a more intensive treatment like Kate Sommerville Exfolikate (which is both a physical and enzymatic exfoliant) once a week. For spot treatment (or all over even), try La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo.

Anonymous: hey Noor. hope your having a rosy day. quick question. I can only afford drugstore makeup and need a few suggestions. Good liquid foundation/powder? Tinted moisturizer?

I haven’t tried many drugstore bases, but two that I’ve tried and liked are the Revlon PhotoReady BB cream and Rimmel Match Perfection foundation. As for powders, I really love the Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder in translucent. I hope you’re having a rosy day as well!

Anonymous: affordable (hehe cheap perhaps) perfumes? thanks love.

Zara has some pretty dope perfumes. I’m currently using the ‘With Love’ rollerball, and it’s like under 6 bucks.

Anonymous: best thing to heal skin? like torn facial skin (aside from neosporin)

Avene Cicalfate restorative skin cream, Homeoplasmine, and gentle love.

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