Anonymous: Hi :) Your blog is SO awesome, so is your instagram! ^__^ I'd like to ask you, I don't wear any makeup. I'm not like other girls who've always worn it and then decided to not wear it for a month or whatever, I mean I never wear it (and I just turned 23) recently, I've been thinking of learning how to wear makeup, like really light coverage, but I guess I just wanna hear another ladys opinion. Do you think what I'm doing atm is weird? Also, what are some natural lipstick shades I could start with

Totally not weird. I had never even worn makeup until I was 21-22. The first type of makeup I started playing around with was actually lipstick, Mac ‘Snob’ I believe (clearly didn’t try to be very subtle). But if you’re looking for more “natural” shades, Dior Addict Extreme in Cherie Bow is my favorite, it’s the prettiest shade of pink and is just a no-fuss lipstick. For a nude, I would recommend Mac ‘Shy Girl’. It’s not one of those nudes that completely washes you out, and can be applied in a thin layer or you can build it up to build up the color. My favorite no makeup lip color is a dusty rose, and NARS Velvet Matte lip pencil in Dolce Vita is perfect. If you’re going to try one of these lipsticks, try this one. It’s in crayon form so it’s really easily to handle and apply, it’s a velvet matte so it’s super creamy but still very matte without being drying. Get there.

Anonymous: Hey there - your recent skincare update didn't have any spf products in it. Do you use any? Any recs?

I do. At the moment I’m using the L’Oreal silky sheer BB face lotion SPF 50+ (untinted), which I love. It’s very similar to Shiseido ultimate sun protection lotion, and other high end sunscreens. It’s a liquid consistency so it glides on evenly, and has a velvety smooth finish. It soaks into your skin almost instantly so you don’t have to wait around or have a greasy face after application.

Anonymous: Hey! Love your style, just wondering where do you get you leather leggings/pants from?

My leather leggings are Aqua from Bloomingdales years ago, and my pants are the vegan leather pants by Blank NYC.

Anonymous: YES pls do a blogspot about your daily make up look!!


Anonymous: still waiting on ur daily make up orutine post :(
Anonymous: what's your daily make up look?

Would you like a blog post?